Neomatter is a spatial type foundry. We provide you with three-dimensional typefaces that meet the needs of current technological developments and inventive ambitions of creative producers. Besides providing practical tools, we embrace theoretical discourse as well and publish articles from various angles on the subject in our Journal.


For a perfect mediation of dimensionality within spatial experiences like Games, AR, or VR applications, the use of embodied typefaces is just a matter of logic and our natural conclusion. You can find more of our thoughts collected in the about section.



NM Origin

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NM Ciao

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NM Diamond

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A translation of the most used form of human communication into the third dimension requires an intellectual debate. We regularily invite academics to materialize their thozghts in Essays, Comments, Articles to spark your inspiration. Her academic research focuses on dimensional typography and proximate themata. They range from language to materiality to atmosphere and are constantly being added to.


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